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If your child has suffered any of the following:

Then we have legal answer for you!
No child should suffer from preventable injuries like these, but if they do their parents or caregivers will be looking for answers.
LomberaLegal Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to help you with your childhood injury case.

Although No child should ever have to endure any such thing at the hands of another, they often do.
Our children depend on us to provide them with a safe and secure environment so they can explore, learn, and grow.  Parents and caregivers in turn depend on other adults and companies to be responsible for the products and services they provide to our children. 
Despite stringent licensing standards daycare abuse is more frequent then you would believe. Many hard-working families are required to utilize day care centers to provide for their children while they are at work. The families depend on the day care centers to properly care for their children and it is especially painful when the day care center neglects or abuses the child.
No matter how much research a family does in selecting the best day care facility for their child there is always a risk of injury or child abuse. Sometimes the day care center is simply neglectful in their supervision, which can lead to injury and even wrongful death.
There is no worse feeling than of a parent when your child has been injured. Often, however, the injury to a child is not discovered immediately and it can be a family's worst nightmare.
Unfortunately, sometimes our children are let down by the very people who are supposed to keep them safe.  This negligence can result in injuries like amputation, blindness or other eye injury, head injury, disfigurement and scarring, long or short term disability, paralysis, spinal cord injury, or traumatic brain injury.

If your child has been injured at a daycare center or has suffered abuse and you would like to know your legal options contact the LomberaLegal law firm at 909-915-0181 for a free no obligation consultation regarding your legal rights.



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