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Riverside | San Bernardino Swimming Pool Accident and Drowning Attorney


Swimming Pool Accident & Drowning Victims Lawyer

Seeking compensation after a tragic drowning accident requires the skill of a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in filing a lawsuit or claim against the individual or entity that did not uphold their duty whether in maintenance, supervision or other aspect of the case.
Sadly, a high percentage of these heartbreaking cases involve young children, and parents and families suffer unimaginable grief when they have lost a loved one or their child suffers permanent injury.
Regrettably, young children comprise the largest percentage of these injuries and deaths. It is estimated that over 1,300 children die as a result of swimming pool accidents every year. Oftentimes, children drowning are the result of the failure to supervise the pool area. Accordingly, many of these injuries and deaths could be prevented had the swimming pool owners or managers maintained their swimming pools in a reasonably safe manner.
Attorney Edgar P. Lombera and his team has the knowledge of protecting the rights of the injured and their families to acquire compensation after drowning accident cases or other types of personal injury accidents.
We can assist the families or the injured individual in the legal process in all types of drowning cases, including

A day in the sun at a pool which has turned tragic for a family cannot be fully understood by others.
This kind of nightmare happens too often when pool safety regulations are not conscientiously followed.
Unfortunately pools and their systems, the protective fences and gates and the water itself deteriorate over time. Owners or managers of a pool facility who try to economize by cutbacks in pool maintenance and repairs or adequate lifeguard presence and training will be held accountable by a pool accident lawyer at our firm. Failure to carry out frequent thorough inspections can allow dangerous conditions to develop, such as:

  • Lack of or damaged pool ladders preventing easy exit
  • Non-working pool lights
  • Missing safety equipment such as throwing ropes with attached buoys and Sheppard's hooks
  • Unclear or murky water
  • Infrequent or inadequate pool upkeep
  • Overcrowded pool
  • Untrained, too few or negligent lifeguards
  • Pool security fence in disrepair
  • Defective self closing and self latching gates
  • Missing safety lines separating the shallow and deep ends of the pool

We take the time to fully understand all aspects and locate all factors which contributed to the accident in order to determine which parties should be held liable. Be assured that our drowning accident lawyer will listen carefully and review the unique circumstances of your case and the future consequences of all injuries before filing a claim for damages.
Call LomberaLegal for an in-depth consultation and walk away with knowing that our firm is dedicated to obtaining justice and full compensation for an injured client as well as preventing future similar negligence.


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