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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As a Motorcycle rider, the following is extremely scary:

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2006,

  • Cars:13.10 cars out of 100,000 ended up in fatal crashes.
  • Motorcycles:  72.34 motorcycles out of 100,000 ended up in fatal crashes.

Motorcycles, unlike auto mobiles, lack the weight and safety features which prevent injury to individuals who are involved. Air bags and/or seatbelts are not available to offer any type of protection in the unfortunate event of an accident. This fact results in about 80 % of motorcycle accidents that end in either death or serious injury. Recently studies have shown that about 70% of accidents that involved a motorcycle were the result of auto mobile drivers not being able to see the motorcyclist until it was too late.

Financial Recovery

Victims of motorcycle accidents and the families of victims who have unfortunately died in serious accidents must deal with a very challenging situation, which seems to be worsened by having to deal with difficult insurance laws as well as legal demands.
If someone is involved in the unfortunate mishaps of an accident, the victims can have some control of their destiny and ensuring their rights and interests are protected, by working with an experienced accident lawyer.

If a motorcycle rider has been injured in an accident that was the cause of someone else’s carelessness and/or recklessness, they may be able to recover such damages like pain and suffering, property loss, lost wages, and medical costs.

The need to be examined thoroughly by a medical physician immediately is absolutely mandatory. Sometimes, even injuries that seem very minor could develop or grow into extremely major health issues that could catch up with someone later on in life. Whomever was at fault in the accident, that persons insurance company is totally responsible for picking up all the costs to the victim that were a result of the accident.

Insurance companies first and foremost focus on the money they have to pay you and your needs will follow in second lead. Most of the time an insurance company will offer a settlement amount to the victim that sounds appealing at first but no matter what the amount is, it is in your very best interest to contact a lawyer who focuses in motorcycle accidents and will therefore be sure to put your needs before the insurance company’s. Before you decide to come to an agreement and participate in any conversations with the insurance company on anything, it is best that you speak to a qualified, experienced and skilled lawyer first. You need your own team of people that are on your side since the insurance companies have their own team of supporters such as agents, adjustors, investigators and legal help to make sure they get the best possible deal out of every incident as well.

In the unfortunate event that you do get into a motorcycle accident with someone who does not have insurance on their vehicle or if their insurance does not cover all your damages, you may also be entitled to collect uninsured and/or underinsurance.

Injuries and Litigation
Motorcycle accident studies have found that in most car-motorcycle accidents, the motorcyclist was not at fault in the collision that caused the injuries. There is a powerful evidence in Car and truck drivers just not understanding the physics of riding a motorcycle. They underestimate the speed of the motorcycle. In addition, most cars underestimate the distance of a motorcyclist need to stop.

The personal injury attorneys at LomberaLegal provide you with accident reconstruction analysis to understand how your accident happened in order to prove your case in court. In order to do that, it's important that we have access to the damaged bike. It is important to put a damaged bike in storage after an accident. This will enable you to have the evidence for a personal injury investigation.
A high speed motorcycle accident can result in catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic accidents are: spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, head injury, brain damage, or fatal injury.
In motorcycle injury and wrongful death claims, our attorneys are prepared to:

• Prove that another party caused the accident and should be held accountable
• Determine the full extent of the injuries
• Demonstrate the impact those injuries
• Wrongful death will have on the life of the injured person or the family now and into the future.
Unique insight is required to show how motorcycle accidents unfold. From broken bones, severe road rash, paraplegia to Wrongful Death, LomberaLegal will fight for a financial Recovery for your Serious Injuries.



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