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There are many reasons to hire a lawyer to handle a personal Injury claim against the responsible person and the Insurance Companies. The following are the best reasons why you would want to have Lombera Legal on your side.

Dealing with difficult Insurance Companies can be tough.
Prime example is dealing with most insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters will offer a Personal Injury victim 10% to 20% of what he would offer if the victim had an attorney.
The Insurance company itself will end up keeping the other 80% to 90%.
Since  Lombera Legal works on a contingency basis and takes only 33% only if they win, the following would result:

  • A victim who has an attorney from Lombera Legal therefore will receive 66%.
  • As opposed to the 10% to 20% that a victim could get by not having an attorney.

No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee
"Contingency basis" means that the attorney will not ask the victim to pay for anything. Getting paid will be contingent on recovering money for the victim. If nothing is recovered, the victim will owe nothing. He will not have to pay the attorney a fee, and will not have to repay the attorney for his costs.

You don’t deal with the stress of confronting the person who caused you harm
A person who attempts to pursue a Personal Injury claim places himself or herself in the position of the prosecutor. That arouses resentment. This is exacerbated by the fact that the victim himself doesn't know the right things to say in order to get the claim settled efficiently.
All too often, a victim will make accusations that are unnecessary under the law. With an attorney, however, a victim always can comment, "it was the attorney who said that, not me." Criticism can be deflected easily. Having a lawyer handle this legal matter is therefore more efficient and less stressful, in addition to posing no financial risk.
A lawyer for an injured person does not confront the person who caused the harm, make them feel guilty, put them in a bad light, harass them, write threatening letters to them, embarrass them, foreclose on their home, drive them into bankruptcy.
When the claim has been paid, the person at fault will realize that it was their insurance company that did all the work and paid all the money. Any of their initial anger will be gone. They will agree that the injured person hired an attorney only to arrive at a mutually fair conclusion -- not for the purpose of hurting anyone.

Difference between suing and settling a claim.
Getting a lawyer is not the same thing as suing. A good attorney knows how to present a case to an insurance company so that the claim gets resolved without it going to court. At least 98% of bodily injury cases settle out of court, without a trial. Therefore a person who retains an attorney is not making matters worse, but actually is probably ensuring that the claim will be handled more quickly and efficiently.
Attorney Responsibility
The attorney should be present before the signing of any legal documents with an insurance company. This will ensure that the insurance company does not provide a contract that could waive the individual’s rights. The attorney will also prevent individuals from signing a settlement agreement that will not adequately cover the cost of the victim’s medical attention.
Going To Trial
Filing a Lawsuit in State Court or Federal Court requires the Legal knowledge of Discovery (putting the case together) and presenting the case to a Jury or a Judge with a high degree of passion.  Lombera Legal has a team of experienced Lawyers that have been doing this for decades.



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